Please answer some questions to help us better understand your computer problem.

Fix My Computer

Is this a Mac/Apple Product, Tablet, Cell Phone or flash drive that needs to be repaired?

Is your computer currently covered by any manufacturer's or retailer's warranty?

Please check with your warranty provider, as any unauthorized repairs not made at an official service center or retailer may void your warranty. We will only accept devices not covered elsewhere, or with a customer signed waiver acknowledging risk of voiding factory warranty. Please contact us at 253-833-9111 ext 2082 for futher information.

Is your computer language English?

If your computer is not in English, we may not be able to fix it. We will only accept a computer if we have a tech that knows and understands the language your computer is set to. For questions or further information please contact us at 253-833-9111 ext 2082

Currently, we do not accept these types of devices for repair. Please contact us at 253-833-9111 ext 2082 for futher information .

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